Create and Scroll
to bookmarks
inside webpages.

What is Webmark?

Webmark is a simple Google Chrome Extension that makes it easy to navigate inside long webpages.

With Webmark you create unlimited bookmarks inside webpages so you can scroll from point to point inside the page quickly.

Know that feeling when you're reading a long blog post or article and you just want to scroll a bit to the top or the bottom of the page and then come back where you've stoped? Just create a webmark where you want and scroll back to it when you want.

The Webmark extension is an open-source project hosted in GitHub. feel free to explore this cool project, fork it and contribute by adding more cool features.

How it works

After the quick installation of Webmark, you can add webmarks to webpages by using the context menu (right mouse click) Webmark → Add webmark or with the shortcut keys: ⇧ shift + a.

In order to remove a webmark, right click on it and select Webmark → Remove Webmark.
To remove webmarks in chronological order (undo) use the shortcut keys: ⇧ shift + z.

Version 0.0.2 released!
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